Let’s get this road on the show!

I never considered myself the “blogging type” and only in my worst nightmares did I ever set one up and yet here I am.  Oh joy.

Perhaps I should begin this with a few words on myself.  I’m currently an senior undergraduate chemistry student at a Southern university on the East Coast.  I’ve been married for a few years to a very awesome man who, to be sickeningly cliched, is my “other half” (okay, even I threw up a little on that one), and I’m private enough that I don’t want to give away my identity.

Since I was a child, I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression.   Anxiety so debilitating that it manifests into physical illness and depression so deep that I no longer wanted to live.  My mind can go to dark places sometimes.  But I combat it with a strict exercise regiment and a reasonably healthy diet.  I’ve had some extremely bad experiences with medication in my past, so that is sort of a last ditch effort if need be, but thankfully my self imposed therapy seems to be doing the trick at this time.

For some time I have wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with a bigger and more public audience than just my husband.  I have moments when I desperately want to tell someone a thought or idea, but realize that there is no one to tell who either has time or cares.  I guess that’s where this fledgling blog steps in.  [blog enters stage left]

My intentions for Ze Tsarina is simple.  I will come here and confess my thoughts and ideas insofar as chemistry, biology, technology, trivia, life, philosophy, etc. are concerned (and trust me, my mind never shuts off, so there will always be ammunition) and I will gab about my struggles being a petite young woman with some mental health issues trying to become the chemist she has always dreamed of being.. and knows she is capable of achieving!

Wish me luck!

Your fabulous and over the top science minded friend,

Ze Tsarina


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