A Love Letter

I love you. I do. I feel it in the way my mind drifts to you when I’m idle. I feel it when I recall how our lips meet and my soul electrifies and stirs. That profound comfort that I attain when I’m wrapped around you.. it lets me know that I love you. That I’m in love. At least right now. 

And though I see the cracks in the foundation, that exasperate when our world quakes, half wondering if you are sand falling in between in my fingers, I can’t deny my feelings for you. 

Are you my low dose poison? Should I swear you away and run with what life I have got left? Or are you the reason I awake with a smile? Snuggled inside peace and security. I can’t decide, bouncing in between the two. 

No matter how I debate in my head, I know the damage is set in stone. I love you. I do. And I await your next touch. Your lips on my body. When the argument dissipates and once again I’ll be reunited with that familiar comfort of your presence.


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